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AKIRA - Harukiya Alley

I have been working on a pretty big CG live action "Akira project" since 2020. There were many long breaks in between due to work etc. So I only got to sporadically get back to it every now and then.
I didn`t want to yet post anything about it actually but only recently found out that another artist has been doing some super similar (and cool) CG Akira art (on instagram), also this exact same alley scene.
And even though it was so viral I didn't see it. Otherwise I'd have probably stopped working on my project.
So, now I feel lame for posting anything about it so late, but also didn't want to hold it off any longer either. It's just a first teaser image of a much bigger project.
Still hard to say when the actual thing will come out, feel free to watch this space! A lot more coming.

Fully made in Blender, color grading in Davinci Resolve